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Code Enforcement: In addition to providing public education through presentations and tours, our code enforcement officers performed over 60 fire inspections each year. Public buildings are inspected on a regular basis by Fire Department personnel ensure safe conditions. The types of buildings inspected include businesses, restaurants, places of worship, schools, and other buildings that could pose significant risks to its occupants or the public. If you have any questions concerning fire inspections in the Village of Maple Bluff, please contact Capt. Al Freitag, or 608.244.3390.

Fire Prevention ~ Code Enforcement

Prevention: The Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department is committed to creating a safe community through education and fire code enforcement. Our focus is on fire prevention and protection for citizens and the business community. Each Year our department conducted numerous fire safety tours and presentations to groups of all ages. Our Fire Department Open House during Fire Prevention Week sees more than 100 attendees annually. Our crews also performed community outreach with youth groups such as Camp Ya-Gotta-Wanna. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your group or organization, please contact Lt. Colten Kinnison, or 608.244.3390.

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