From the time of incorporation in 1931 until 1947, the Village of Maple Bluff was a pleasant and comfortable suburban area in which to live. Fire hazard was low and the Village was protected through a contract with the City of Madison Fire Department. Leading up to 1947, the contract was considered advantageous for both communities. Unfortunately disagreements between City and Village officials left both sides seeking a new contract. When a resolution could not be met, the Village quickly established a Volunteer Fire Department. In 1948, under the direction and training of Captain Lauritz Nielson, a retired Chicago Fire Department official, 82 Village residents stepped forward to volunteer their time and efforts. These volunteers came from all walks of life and showed extreme pride in their newly established department.

18 Oxford Place Madison WI 53704             Non-Emergency Phone: 608.244.3390               Emergency Phone: 911

Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department


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Through the years, the Maple Bluff Fire Department has grown from an all volunteer organization into a combination department (some paid staff). The department expanded it's capabilities through the years as well.

In 1978, the communities of Blooming Grove, Burke, and Maple Bluff came together to form a joint ambulance district to provide emergency medical services to the residents of their communities. The development of the joint ambulance district was necessitated when the Dane County Traffic Department, who provided ambulance service, was absorbed into the Dane County Sheriff's Department and ambulance service was discontinued. The Blooming Grove, Burke, Maple Bluff EMS Ambulance District began providing service on January 1, 1979. At the time and throughout the district's 31 years of service, the district's ambulance was housed at the Maple Bluff Fire Station.

In 1979, about half of the 42 charter members of the ambulance service were Emergency Medical Technicians 
 EMTs) while the other half of the members were registered in Crash Injury Management. Volunteers and paid staff to provided outstanding service to the residents of the ambulance district while continually improving their skills to meet the needs of the residents of the district and the Village of Maple Bluff. V
olunteers and staff operated at the State of Wisconsin EMT-Basic level, with many maintaining their National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. In 2010, the Townships of Blooming Grove and Burke withdrew from the EMS District effectively terminating the District Agreement. This left the Village of Maple Bluff seeking additional options for EMS coverage.  

On January 1, 2011 the Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department began providing emergency medical services to the residents of Maple Bluff as part of a tiered EMS system. The MBFD and it's personnel were credentialed and licensed through the State of Wisconsin Department of Health Services at the EMT-Intermediate Technician Level. The MBFD is dispatched to all emergency medical incidents in the Village of Maple Bluff by the Dane County 911 Center, and responds in conjunction with an ambulance from the Ryan Brothers Ambulance Service. Highly trained emergency medical personnel respond with a piece of fire apparatus from our station located at 18 Oxford Place, Maple Bluff, WI 53704 and will be on scene within minutes of your request for medical assistance to begin care. An ambulance will arrive shortly after the MBFD personnel to facilitate transport to the hospital of the patient's choice.

In addition to EMS, the Maple Bluff Fire Department provides numerous other services to the Village of Maple Bluff. Fire suppression, fire prevention, vehicle extrication, public education, fire inspections, water/ice rescue are a few of those services. With the addition of  these services throughout the years, in 2011 the Maple Bluff Fire Department felt a subtle mane change was necessary.  We are now officially known as the Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department.