Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department


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The Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department is comprised of three full-time, up to eight interns, and nearly 30 volunteer members. Although MBFD has some paid staff, most of our services are provided by volunteer members and interns. Our professional volunteer firefighter/EMTs dedicate many hours to our community. Our firefighter/EMTs are highly trained and equipped with modern firefighting equipment. This format provides for a very economical, efficient, and effective system of providing emergency services to our citizens.

If you are interested in joining our department, please check out some employment opportunities listed below. 

Kristopher Loy, Fire Chief

Jeffrey Drager, Assistant Chief

Derek Weum, Assistant Chief

Alan Freitag, Captain/Fire Inspector

18 Oxford Place Madison WI 53704             Non-Emergency Phone: 608.244.3390               Emergency Phone: 911