Maple Bluff Fire Rescue Department


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6th: FD Training CPR/BLS Recert (sign up at dispatch)
9th: Association Annual Meeting/Elections
12th: MBFD Pancake Breakfast 8:00am-11:00am
13th: EMS training Bariatric emergencies
20th: MLK Jr. Day: No Training
21st: Madison College Spring Semester Begins
24th-25th: Maple Bluff Winterfest Activities
27th: FD Training/Association Meeting


1st: Internship Application Period Opens
3rd: Trauma Patient Assessment
10th: PPE & SCBA Air Consumption Drill
17th: Medical Emergencies
24th: FD Training/Association Meeting: Chimney Fire Procedures & Review


2nd: Cancer awareness and decon initiative 
9th: Hand tools & power tools review and practice
16th: Dane county EMS protocol review (Postponed)
23rd: FD Training/Association Meeting: Suicide Prevention & Peer Mentorship Program (Postponed)


6th: RIT Basics @ MATC (Postponed)
13th: Sprinkler & Fire Detection Systems Review (Postponed)
20th: Airway Management for BLS

24th: Internship Application Period Closes
27th: FD Training/Association Meeting: Bldg. Construction


4th: Live Fire Training @ MATC (Postponed)
11th: Ladders and Ladder Rescue
18th: EMS Advanced Skills Recert & Review
25th: Memorial Day


1st: Physics of Trauma 
8th: MPO Water Supply & Stretching Lines 
15th: EMS Training Make-Up for License Renewal
22nd: FD Training/Association Meeting: Police Dept. Equipment Training. Vests, belts, firearms and first aid procedures
29th: Concert In The Park (Postponed)
30th: WI EMT License Renewal Date

***Maple Bluff Fire Department Members Only***

Please watch the corresponding video for the training you were not able to attend on our Youtube Channel. After completing the video, type a brief synopsis outlining the material that you missed below.

​​​​In addition to being certified firefighters and EMTs, many of our members hold certifications as aerial and pumper operators, fire inspectors, emergency service instructors, fire officers, ice rescue technicians, and vehicle extrication technicians. In an effort to continue to provide the highest quality emergency services possible, our personnel are provided with the opportunity for further education. This is most commonly done by conducting regular in-house training sessions. The MBFD conducts four regularly scheduled trainings for fire and EMS at our firehouse each month. In addition to in-house training, our members regularly attend regional and national presentations and trainings to ensure our department remains on the leading edge of technology and tactics. In 2014 our members logged over 3,000 hours of continuing education and training in the following topics: firefighting tactics, fire attack, victim search and rescue, firefighter rescue (Rapid Intervention Team or RIT), ice rescue, technical high/low angle rescue, emergency medical services, vehicle extrication, water rescue, laddering buildings, active shooter situations, motor pump and aerial operations, rope rescue, hazardous materials, medical helicopter landing zone operations, communications, incident pre-planning, firefighter accountability, and many more.

In an effort to promote knowledge and education within the fire service, the MBFD extends an invitation to all Firefighters/EMTs currently serving on a department, with the approval of your fire chief, to attend our in-house fire and EMS training. These trainings are held on the 1st-4th Monday evenings of each month beginning at 6:00pm. Please RSVP to Chief Kristopher Loy, to receive permission to attend.


18 Oxford Place Madison WI 53704             Non-Emergency Phone: 608.244.3390               Emergency Phone: 911